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Podcast: Let's Give a Damn!

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

This podcast is about people who give a damn, by people who give a damn, and for people who give a damn.

About Nick Laparra

Nick has spent 15+ years of his life living in and/or spending time in 30+ countries around the world. He has led non-profit organizations of all shapes and sizes. A few years ago, he transitioned out of the non-profit space and now helps leaders and organizations with their social impact, leadership development, and communications needs. He also speaks at various events, he hosts workshops, and he is working on his first book proposal.

He loves to read, write, and spend time with people. He's always up for smoking his pipe and drinking coffee with you. He listens to 30-35 podcast episodes per week and hosts the Let's Give A Damn podcast.

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