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One of the most desirable skills a professional can have is the ability to lead others — especially in a world of rapid change. Being a leader in the 21st century requires you to unlearn management and relearn what it means to be human. Because if you want to build a sustainable, high-performing team, it’s essential they feel comfortable approaching you and collaborating with one another.

Think about this for a moment: 50% of employees choose to leave their jobs because of their leaders. It’s not because they don’t want to be led, it’s because they don’t trust who’s leading them. If you want to improve performance, you need to learn how to understand individual preferences and know how to accommodate them. Your master’s in organizational leadership and learning can help you do just that.

Your online Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Learning can put you in a position to grab the reins and steer your organization in the right direction. The employee-tailored plans that you create paired with your personnel skills can help improve company culture and encourage open collaboration.


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